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FTLO Travel: Group Travel for Young Professionals

We're a modern group travel company for 20 and 30 something young adults. Connect with new people and places on curated international group trips.

Travel For Teens


Travel For Teens: Safe Tours for Middle & High School Travelers

Group sizes of 16-24 students allow us to travel comfortably and to make real connections to each other and the host community. Participants come from a mix of ...



Find Travelbuddy

Connect with like-minded people going to your destinations. Your travel buddy is just a click away. The world's leading community for work and travel.

Join My Trip


Find verified Travel Buddies with JoinMyTrip

Stop traveling alone! Find Travel Buddies and discover a new way of traveling with a community of 160k travelers and more than 900 trips on JoinMyTrip!

Finance of America Reverse


Finding Friends to Travel With in Retirement

When your goal is to avoid solo travel or to share the cost of a hotel room or cruise cabin, many experts recommend signing up for a group tour.

Where There Be Dragons


Adult Group Travel Programs | Experience Cultural ...

Rooted in education—and designed for adult travelers—our trips provide time for individual exploration, while sharing those experiences alongside a small cohort ...



Senior Travel & Vacations | Elderly Travel Groups, Tours ...

Intrepid, Kiwi Experience (New Zealand), Context Travel (walking tours) and BusAbout are great places to find discounts on tours and excursions, ...



Group Travel in Your 30s and 40s: How to Choose, Book, & ...

Travelers in their teens and twenties are more likely to choose budget tours. Paying a little more for a group tour will increase your ...



Tourism Unprepared to Accommodate Growing Segment of ...

... travel agency Wheel the World, which helps travelers find accessible offerings. ... older travelers from tour operators. Cruise ship rooms ...



The Best Communities to Meet Others During Solo Travel l ...

How to meet people while travelling (or living abroad) ... a support group to easily connect with other female travelers and also find and ...