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Instructions for the Hammarö Pellets Burner


1) Attach the handle
2) Fill the burner with required amount of 8-10 mm pellets.
3) Place two strips of Hammarö Lighting Paper on top of the pellets
4) Place the burner on the fire place. If using the burner outdoors, place it on a non-flammable surface. Make sure the outlet valve on the fire place is properly open.
5) Remove the handle
6) Light the torn edge of the Lighting Paper

NB! Before the burner is used again, the ashes must be removed and disposed in either a special metal ash container (placed on non-flammable material) or mixed in the soil in the garden. Ash must be removed to avoid the risk of gas explosions or smoke cloud. If burning with briquettes or wood, fuel can be added as required.

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