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F A Q Pellet Burner


Question 1: What power output is possible from combustion in a Hammarö pellet burner?

Answer: Approximately 15 kWh per charge.



Question 2: What pellet quality is required?

Answer: Hammarö pellet burner burns best using 8-10 mm wood pellets. But 6 mm pellets can also be used.



Question 3: What does the combustion sequence look like?

Answer: Combustion is divided into four stages: a) The ignition phase is approximately 20 minutes. b) The burning phase lasts approximately 1-2 hours (comprises yellow/orange flames). c) The blue flame phase lasts approximately 1 hour (combustion at very high temperature with blue flames). d) Extinguishing phase approximately 0.5-1 hour (the embers also provide a lot of heat).



Question 4: Is it possible to burn wood that leans against the pellet burner?

Answer: No. So much heat is generated that the metal distorts.



Question 5: How is it possible to look into a closed fireplace such as heating stove to see whether the damper is open sufficiently?

Answer: Find the right position of the damper by trial and error. During the first few hours the Hammarö pellet burner should burn with a light-yellow flame. Poor combustion and smoke indicate insufficient air. Open the damper more.



Question 6: What can be done with the ashes?

Answer: There will be very few ashes. It is best to empty the ashes into a metal ash bin or spread them over your garden or around your blackcurrant bushes (make sure the ashes are cold and no glowing embers are left). The ashes are basic and counteract acidification. The ashes also contain beneficial nutrients.



Question 7: Has the Hammarö pellet burner been the subject of any tests?

Answer: The predecessor of the Hammarö pellet burner (Sexkanten) in its original forma was awarded “Best combustion performance” in Äfab’s test carried out on behalf of Svenska Energimyndigheten. The test showed that the pellet burner met the OGC environmental requirements and meets any future requirements for CO.



Question 8: What are the benefits of pellets by comparison with wood?

Answer: No refilling is needed for up to 4 hours when using pellets. Furthermore things do not become as hot when burning wood. A level of efficiency of around 70% is often higher than when burning wood as this gives the user an affordable energy cost. This is particularly good if the user does not have access to free wood. The reason why the performance is so good is that combustion is quite stable with brief starting and extinguishing times. The pellet burner produces a heat output that agrees well with the energy requirement of a normal-sized house. A wood stove quite easily produces too much heat. The flame and the even output of the pellet stove is often the benefit that is felt to be the most positive. From an interference aspect the Hammarö pellet stove is an excellent solution id smoke from a wood fire is felt to be inconvenient. Furthermore, pellets burn with an open flame in the pellet stove without sparks that emit from the hearth.



Question 9: What applications can the Hammarö pellet burner be used for?

Answer: For stoves, open fires and tiled stoves but is also suitable out in the open, when fishing and hunting.


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