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Instructions for lighting with Hammarö Lightingpaper


Hammarö Lighting Paper is at the head of the most environmentally friendly lighting products (igniters) on the market. The stearin based Lighting Paper is totally biodegradable and has in several consumer surveys emerged as the best, due to efficiency and function. You can use Hammarö Lighting Paper not only to your grill but also to open fires outdoors an indoors. Hammarö Lighting Paper is also, due to high temperature, a perfect way to start a fire with pellets.

Depending on how dry your wood is tear off one or several strips of Lighting Paper.
Place the strips under the wood and light the torn edge. .

Place 2/3 of the charcoal in the grill. Tear of two or three strips of the Lighting Paper and distribute them over the grill bed. Pour on the rest of the charcoal and light the torn edge of the lighting paper.

Pellets in Hammarö Pellet Burner:

1. Fill the burner with required amount of pellets

2. Place two strips of Hammarö Lighting Paper on top of the pellets

3. Light the torn edge of the Lighting Paper




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