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Frequently asked questions about Lightingpaper


Question 1: How does the product affect health and the environment?

Answer: Raw materials: Recyclable, free from petroleum and safe to handle. Transport: Compact and with a moderate weight. Easy to package: simple packaging. Product: Non-toxic. Biologically-degradable. Environmentally-adapted. Easy to handle. Waste: Burns almost completely. No hazardous waste.



Question 2: Why isn’t the product environmentally-marked?

Answer: The lighting paper is classified by NSF as “GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE” This was later deleted when the product was re-classified from a paper product to a firelighter product. Since there are no criteria for classifying firelighter products it is not possible at present to be awarded any environmental marking within this area.



Question 3: Lighting Paper has been awarded “Best in Test” in a number of magazine tests including the Swedish “Allt om mat”. What advantages have been found when using the product?

Answer: "Allt om mat", 1998: Very easy to use. Easy to store, takes up little room. Produces a glow quite quickly. Easy to light and if the glow is a bit slow, all you need do is to add a couple more strips of Lighting Paper " Land", 1993 : Lighting Paper was the winner without doubt. Very quickly produced an even glow. It is easy to handle, does not spit and there is little risk of injury to the person grilling or children " Aftonbladet - BRASEXTRA, 1987": Lighting Paper burns while generating a lot of heat while producing a good glow that keeps the fire alive.



Question 4: There incidents every year where children drink lighter fuel. Many people also get burned every year in when using liquid firelighters. Have there been any incidents in connection with the use of Lighting Paper?

Answer: Not a single incident has been reported since the start in 1983.



Question 5: Are there applications for Lighting Paper other than starting barbeque fires and wood fire both outdoors and inside?

Answer: Since Lighting Paper generates a lot of heat, the product is very good for lighting pellets. This is what Jan-Erik Dahlström writes, “I use half a strip to light my pellets stove without difficulty. My name is Jan-Erik Dahlström and I’ve been working with pellets since 1983 in Kil, Värmland. I first came into contact with a pellets stove in 1986 and introduced pellets stoves in Sweden through a house project together with NUTEC our energy authority in Sweden, 1989-1991. I have used a pellets stove to heat my house without problems since 1992. The pellets stove makes heating convenient, cheap and environmentally-friendly. When I need to light the pellet stove, I first fill the burn pot with a handful of pellets. I then press a half strip of Lighting Paper upwards in the middle of the pellet bed Always face the break edge upwards so that it is easy to light. Close the stove door and allow it to burn for a minute. All you need do then is to start the pellet stove for this week’s operations. Weekly cleaning ensures safe, economic and environmentally-safe operation. The ash and blackcurrant bushes are happy together and the circle is closed. Lighting the pellet stove using Lighting Paper is suitable for the environment and safety. This is how you light pellets in a pellet stove. Pour out the pellets to be used in the basket. Break off two strips of Lighting Paper and place over the pellets bed. Press the strips down without covering them. Light the torn edge of the paper”.



Question 6: Several competing lighting products (igniters) contain paraffin whereas Lighting Paper contains stearine. What are the differences between paraffin and stearine?

Answer: Paraffin is produced from petroleum raw materials. This means that combustion products that contain paraffin contribute to an increase fossil carbon stored in the biosphere and this is not compatible with a vision of sustainable development. Stearine (stearic acid) that is the raw material in Hammarö and Gastro Lighting paper is made from renewable materials only.



Question 7: How long does Lighting Paper burn for?

Answer: Lighting Paper burns and generates a lot of heat for approximately 5 minutes. It is not the burn time that is important however. What is important that the product emits so much heat that what is to be lit catches fire. There are combustion products that burn longer with a cool gas flame and thus produce a poorer result.



Question 8: Is Lighting Paper odour-free?

Answer: No, Lighting paper smells of candle wax.



Question 9: When the barbeque bed is lit using Lighting paper, 2-4 strips shall be spread over the bed. Press the strips down without covering them. Why is it necessary to make sure they are not covered?

Answer: If they are covered this excludes oxygen that is necessary for combustion. As a result combustion is incomplete and smoke is generated.



Question 10: How much Lighting Paper is needed to start a wood fire?

Answer: At least ½ strip is necessary. The quantity depends on the how dry the wood is.



Question 11: Where can I buy Lighting Paper?

Answer: Lighting paper is stocked by ICA, COOP (Gastro), Biltema (Biltema Tändpapper).



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