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4 reasons: Choose Hammarö Lightingpaper, firestarter. Reduce the emissions of hydrocarbon.


1) Reduce the emissions of hydrocarbon
Emissions of the ambient air of hydrocarbon, i.e. volatile organic compounds VOC, is a huge enviromental consern. VOC trigger processes of building up concentrations of ground-level ozone. Ozone is a threat to public health and diminsh the yield of agricultural crops. VOC orginates from industrial processes, from degreasing and celaning, from paints and from firewood furnaces. VOC also evaporate from petrochemical based starter fluids. Instead of using strater fluids you can take a small but important step for a better enviroment by using Lighting Paper.

2) Reduce environmental risks
The environment may be endangered by mishandling chemical-technical products, for example by transport accidents. Therefore chemical-technical products should be designed to represent a minimium risk to nature. Ignition devices based on paraffines or waxes is not easily biodegradable and as such pose an environmental risk. Soluble hydrocarbons as paraffines may contaminate the soil and evantually the ground-water. Ligting Paper coated with fatty acids is a better choice to reduce environmental damages by accidents. Lighting Paper does not spread to the soil, is easily biogradble and will not contaminate the ground-water.

3) Resource managemnet
On the main objectives of the environmental protection is to diminsh the use of none-renewable resources. Therefore it is advisable to reduce the consumption of fossil materials as petrochemical products. The older devices of charcoal ignition as starter fluids, paraffine tablets and wax-coated wooden sticks all suffer from a serious draw-back: they use none-renewable resources. If you want to save the resources of Nature you can - as an alternative - use Lighting Paper. Hammarö Lighting Paper represants a totally new approach to designing and manufacturing: only renewable resources are used.

4) Safety for children
Starter fluids for ignition of charcoals are chemicals products with a high risk-profile in the households. Children who swallow starter fluids by mistake can develope pulmonary sickness. Lighting Paper represents no risk product in the household. A small child who eats Lighting Paper is not at any danger, because the fatty acid (candle-grease) does not constitute a health problem. By using Lighting Paper instead if conventional ignition devices you can make your household safer

Yours Sincerly /Sören LInzie/ Hammarö Tändpapper




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