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19/04/2010  Press release: Barbecue in an environmentally smart way – choose candlewax
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24/04/2008  Be smart and help the climate when you grill!
Time to get the grill out? Here are five tips from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation about how to grill in an environmentally and climate-smart way:

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24/10/2007  How much carbon dioxide do various igniters emit?
When you grill food or light a fire, the igniters give rise to varying quantities of carbon dioxide. Choose igniters that produce the minimum possible environmental load. Below is an overview of 7 different igniters. Emissions of carbon dioxide are given both per grilling and per weight of igniter. (grams per grill and kg per kg igniter respectively).

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20/06/2007  Short report
Emissions of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, from the use of various ignition products for lighting barbecue grills, etc.

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30/11/2006  What credible statements can we make about lighting paper? - fact-based health and environmental information on Hammarö Lighting Paper
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